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Therapeutic Weighted Belt - Sensory Products for Children, Teens, & Adults with Sensory Needs

The Sensory Belt™ is a weighted therapy belt which promotes self-calming, balance, and increased body awareness by enhancing proprioceptive feedback. Within minutes of wearing the Sensory Belt™ your child will feel more grounded, focused, and secure!

The Sensory Belt™ is being used by parents, teachers and therapists in all 50 states and over 30 countries worldwide. Tens of thousands of children, teens and adults have been helped so far by the Sensory Belt™. We have heard stories of children walking for the first time, reaching milestones not thought possible, and even being mainstreamed within a few months of regular use of the belt. Many care givers appreciate how user friendly the belts are to use making their sessions more productive with less resistance from the child.

The Sensory Belt™ is a weighted therapy belt designed for infants, children, teens and adults.  The Thera-Belt™ is a weighted therapy belt designed with removable weights specifically for therapists and/or physicians.

During development of the Sensory Belt™ our main focus was to create safe and effective sensory products to help improve the lives of as many children, teens, and adults with sensory needs as possible. We found one of the best ways to improve sensory development is by providing additional weight around the core of the body.

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Who Benefits from the Sensory Belt?

Infants, Children, Teens and Adults diagnosed with the
sensory disorders below will benefit from the Sensory Belt.

         Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
         Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
         Angelman syndrome
         Aspergers syndrome (AS)
         Cerebral Palsy
         Down syndrome
         Fetal Alcohol syndrome (FAS)
         Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD-NOS)
         Rett syndrome
         Sensory Integration Disorder (SID)
         Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)

What are the Benefits of the Sensory Belt?

         Increases Body Awareness
         Increases Focus & Concentration
         Helps Regulate Hyperactivity and Fidgeting
         Enhances Comprehension & Learning
         Improves Balance & Coordination
         Improves Core Awareness and Posture
         Maximizes Benefits of Therapy Sessions
         Increases Therapy Carryover

Who can effectively use the Sensory Belt?

         Behavior Therapists
         Occupational Therapists
         Physical Therapists
         Speech Therapists

Where can we use the Sensory Belt?

         At Home
         At School
         At Work
         During Therapy

Where can I buy the Sensory Belt?

You can buy online here on our website! We sell the best sensory products for children, teens and adults with sensory processing needs. We accept all major Credit Cards, Money Orders, PayPal and purchase orders from schools. Please email or fax purchase orders to (612) 241-3754. If you have any questions about our shipping prices please ...click here!

If you have any questions please send an email to: service@sensorybelt.com